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» When it comes to love…there are no boundaries. Really??

October 15, 2018

When it comes to love…there are no boundaries. Really??

I recently watched a video link, posted below, about dating beyond ethnic and national lines. The essence of the discussion reminded me some 4 years back when I brought a Kenyan boy home, I could see the hesitation in my mothers eyes while she tried to play ‘cool mom’ and suss him out all at once.

Rewind another 3 years back when this boy pursued me, my main argument for resistance was that he was Kenyan. Yes, hangs head in shame, that was my main argument. Though its taken out of context, I really did hesitate dating across my national boundaries.

6 years down the line, after having a conversation with a dear friend who was trying to decided whether bringing home a “foreign” guy would disrupt the traditional proceedings of Christmas and the good times, I asked myself are we REALLY as global a generation as we claim to be when it comes to love? Yes we see and have no bounds in other spheres of our lives and professional careers, but do we open our selves to other nations in personal matters such as love? Please, by no means do not misconstrue what I am saying, dating or marrying a foreign national is no measure of progressive global citizenship, I am only┬átrying to understand if our global citizenship has limits. And if so why?

So ladies, and gentle men, please enjoy the video below and lets discuss the other side of being a woman…loving beyond our bounds.