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» Three Tech Tips to Better Organise Your Work Life

October 15, 2018

Three Tech Tips to Better Organise Your Work Life

I’m constantly struggling to organise my rather manic life. Between holding down a corporate job, running Tech Girl, writing for this rad little spot and trying to compete on my horse (yes, I’m trying to do that too) I need to find time to formulate some sort of “to do” list.

Here are three tech tips to better organise your work life that I find rather useful. You might too:


The first tip is to download Google Keep. I was extremely anti organisation apps for a long time. I really thought they were a ploy and would just add to the madness. I have to update ANOTHER thing? Google Keep is nothing like those other organisation apps though. It’s easy to use and so straight forward. It is a bit like post-it notes but on your phone. It allows you to record written notes, voice notes (my favourite), store photos and make to do lists. You can also colour code your notes and set alarms to remind you to get things done. I wrote a full review on Tech Girl about Google Keep. It’s a great app to keep you a bit more organised.


My second tech tip is to buy a powerbank. I’d love to advocate turning off from technology and taking a break. But you need to be doing that on the weekend. During working hours you need to be available and connected. South Africa’s current loadshedding dilemma throws a spanner in the works right? That’s why you have to purchase a decent powerbank. To give you an idea, I’m using RED-E 6000 mAh Power Bank right now to power up my small 2 in 1 transformer laptop so I can type this up during loadshedding. I’m also listening to one of my colleagues curse the deities because he is offline. Don’t be that person.


My final tech tip to better organise your work life? Buy a notebook. Not too techy right? There is nothing better than putting pen to paper. Whether it is to jot down an idea, prep a blog post or do some quick maths. I carry a good old fashioned notebook with me where ever I go. They don’t need batteries and in a reasonably sized handbag take up very little space.

If you need some notebook inspiration, Macaroon in Greenside (they also have an online store) recently launched their Sugar Skulls range. They can print notebooks AND customise them for you with your name or a fun saying. I’m obsessed!

About the Author: Sam Wright is the editor and founder of Tech Girl, a tech blog that mashes together gadgets, giggles and a little bit of glamour. She spends most of her time willing her superhero powers to kick in and attempting to convince horses to jump over brightly coloured poles. Sam dreams of the day she can beat traffic by taking a hover board to work and own a robot that makes her tea.