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» The one thing you should never be afraid to flaunt – Confidence!

October 15, 2018

The one thing you should never be afraid to flaunt – Confidence!

Confidence is something we assume a lot of women have, but is this really the case? Recently I questioned myself, just how deep does our confidence run? And why is it such an essential part of the journey to success?

Before I try and answer my questions, I want to relate a short story about myself. I was raised by very confident women, whose confidence seemed to come from a pool far deeper than the shallow waters of outward appearances. Some how that confidence did not rub off on me, because I have always battled with taming my overly subjective and opinionated loud persona. The constant commentary about my personality led to me being quiet reserved about voicing my opinion in things that matter.
I always admired the girl who could confidently stand for what she believed, and would not waiver in the face of many opposing opinions or lack of favour. I believed I could be that girl, if I had the confidence.

As I grew older my perception of confidence matured, and the need to cultivate it became more urgent. I realized that confidence is a lot more than courage to boldly walk into a room and have your presence felt. Confidence was more about being your number one fan, believing in the potential that is untapped in you, confidence was what you needed when fear stares you squarely in the face and challenges you. Confidence is knowing you can do something, the how may not be clear, but knowing that it can and will be done.

At my age I now understand that confidence is the premise of all self-belief, which lead to me taking the biggest chances and speaking the biggest opportunities into being. It is about me trusting in the purpose of my life, and being confident in my perfect ability to master all that I put my mind to.

As we begin 2015, I would like to encourage all women to evaluate what confidence means to them and if it will go the distance according to the goals they have set for themselves. If not, take some time and build that confidence; it’s an investment that yields the highest returns.