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» Mentor Session with Mandla Msimang

October 15, 2018

Mentor Session with Mandla Msimang

“You are educated. You are liberated. You have the responsibility to define what lies in the box and what stays outside of the box.” – Mandla Msimang

Mandla Msimang has a passion for finding ways in which ICT can be used for development, from both a policy and implementation perspective. As the founder of Pygma Consulting (an advisory firm dealing with policy, regulation, strategy and training, particularly in information and communication technology), Msimang creates spaces for the ICT ecosystem to thrive and ultimately be used for socioeconomic development. Her work is as diverse as the needs of the sector itself; ranging from developing cyber-security awareness frameworks in South Africa to rolling out a broadband network in Tanzania.

It was an evening where winter was approaching the Johannesburg shores when the ladies of Mbewu gathered for a session around a boardroom table with Mandla Msimang. A couple of weeks before delivering her first born baby girl, Mandla shared her life and career journey with us. The recurring theme in the session was what Mandla calls “winging it.” What this means is, always trust and believe in the fact that things will work out. If you are constantly doing things (school, work, relationships) from the best part of yourself and your heart, then things will work out.

“When you do what you enjoy and are passionate about, it stops being work.”

Mandla can be caught working at absolutely any time and any day of the week because she is soo immersed in her enjoyment of the fascinating ICT sector on the African continent.

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