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» It’s….a girl

January 19, 2015

It’s….a girl

“A girl perhaps no more than 10 years old detonated powerful explosives concealed under her veil at a crowded northern Nigeria market on Saturday, killing as many as 20 people and wounding many more.” NEW YORK TIMES

Speculated to be ten; at ten years old, 1 decade, a daughter, a friend… at ten years old.

In my experience, ten year old girls usually fret about fitting in, about what seeing their best friends, about playing, obsessing over their favorite celebrities, having crushes and perhaps rubbing in the “girls’ rock” mantra to their annoying male peers.

Not this 10 year-old.

She had a bomb strapped around her waist, with the (assumed) instruction to walk into a busy market as someone clicked on a remote allowing the bomb to explode and take away numerous lives, including the little girl’s life.

In the comfort of the air-conditioned room I sit in- my tears and empathy are not enough. Sitting and merely reading about all the attacks on children and women on the African continent (and the world) is not enough. What is the point of globally sharing all these repulsive human-injustice stories if international action will not be taken?… What is the meaning of ‘’international development cooperation” if we will see or hear of none when there is a clear quandary in some parts of Nigeria?

How would you feel?….How would you feel as a 10 year old (girl or boy), strapped with a device that will split your body and other peoples bodies in half?…

When real-life in Africa continues to resemble movies I start doubting that “Africa is rising”…what hope do our young brothers and sisters in war-stricken communities have?

Companies that make guns and bombs need to cease to exist.

There will never be world peace until all warfare machinery and tools are eradicated from this planet. But people make money from it right?…and capitalism is the order of the day right?….so there will never be world peace?…..Riiiiiig……h…..hhhh…..T

What’s going on?

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