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» About Mbewu Movement

Diversity and difference are our guiding principles.
Our approach is tailored and unique to each client.

  • About Mbewu Movement

    We are a movement, founded in 2012 by diverse, young and accomplished women, with the aim of providing a platform for inter-generational dialogue and mentorship, in order to empower young African women to lead with authenticity.

    Over the years, we’ve built a prolific global community and a distinct offering of physical and digital experiences that provide young African women with networking opportunities and access to insights aligned to our three forms of mastery: Self, Wealth and Career.

  • We partner with local and international brands to create meaningful connections with our community across digital media and events.

    As a digital platform with a growing and bankable audience of young African women across the world, over the years we’ve worked with credible clients to effectively showcase their products and services to our community.

  • Meet the Mbewu Movement Team

People     Mbewu Movement

  • “Our first experience with the Mbewu community was online, reading the blog features and following the uplifting content on social media. Our relationship with Mbewu Movement grew into a meaningful support structure when we attended their event and had the opportunity to promote our business through their small business pitch competition. We won the competition and have since had many experiences that began with relationships we built through networking at their event. We love what Mbewu Movement stands for and our alignment with the organization continues to bare fruit as they have given us business and referrals that speak to our business values.”

    Nkgabiseng Motau & Mukondi Ralushayi

    Co-Founders of THINK Creative Hub
  • “We can’t possibly thank Mbewu Movement enough for being our event partner foe ‘A Parisian Instant with Nicolle Kobi” in Johannesburg, South Africa? Since we were flying in from the USA and this was our first time in South Africa, we were relieved to have chosen them as our partner. The Mbewu Movement ladies got each and every job done, and did anything and everything we asked of them with complete professionalism every time. We know our Johannesburg event would not have been as seamless if it wasn’t for them…”

    Nicholle Kobi & Carine Dikambi

    Illustrator & Manager
  • “To say that a group of women empowering others, is to go about a normal day in Africa. This is happening along river banks, shores of lakes, kitchens in our innumerable villages and market places the continent over. We can now add internet portals, social media platforms to that list… Mbewu Movement chose to hold a leadership seminar with one of Africa’s brightest young entrepreneurs, Fred Swaniker, on his vision for Africa…”

    Peter Shivute

    MBA, African Leadership University (ALU)