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» ‪#‎MyAfrica‬ ‪#‎MyRoots‬‬ ‪#‎MyHeritage‬ Series # 1‬

October 15, 2018

‪#‎MyAfrica‬ ‪#‎MyRoots‬‬ ‪#‎MyHeritage‬ Series # 1‬

“The kind of Africa we need today is … an Africa where the young people want to stay, not a place they want to move away from” new African Head of the African Development Bank…Akinwumi Adesina

This is a call that I echo, as a young person that returned home from my studies in Australia, I hold myself responsible to build an Africa that all the young people will want to stay in. I worked in Dubai on a project, but my mind was always focused on coming back to the Motherland to “till the land’ and build an Africa we can all be proud of. Through immersing myself in several African studies and engaging scholars in this arena, I am continuously learning and understanding what our continent needs.

Surely, as a young African professional, there must be a legacy that we can leave in our generation…Our liberation leaders, the Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Sam Nujoma of Namibia, Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and Kwame Nkurumah of Ghana to mention a few have played their part in Africa’s liberation.

This is a call to all young people to follow the examples of leadership  of Jerry Rawlings, Ex- President of Ghana, a leader who’s philosophy was that we can all make a difference, the prosperity of our African countries, lies in us all rolling up our sleeves.  A retired civil servant, Doris Addy is quoted saying that one of the legacies of Jerry Rawlings was the ability to As the President, Rawlings did not mind getting his hands dirty by working and therefore people admired him and saw him as a role model. “I remember in one of the pictures I saw him cleaning the gutters and people were standing next to him wondering how a man of his caliber would do such.”

This is the call that I am making to all young Africans including myself and those African brothers and sisters in the diaspora that are flying the African flag high. Let us be servant leaders for our continent. Let us roll up our sleeves and determine what is needed for our generation to make Agenda 2063 a reality and see our continent thrive. Let us immerse ourselves in our history and UNITE and solve the challenges of our time. This cannot be left to anyone else, we are all responsible for making our continent the best that it can be.

I speak to myself as much as I speak to every young person that is reading this post in encouraging our elders to engage with our generation in defining what our continent needs to enable each and every one of us to do our part in making it the Africa we want to see. There is an African proverb that says “If you think you are too small to make a difference…you have not spent a night with a mosquito.’ As we begin to find our consciousness as Africans and work towards liberating not only ourselves but others, we will realise the African dream in our lifetime is a possibility…a prosperous continent in our lifetime…We can all make a difference by engaging in Afro-centric dialogues that lead to actions… A guest Blog Post By: Lebogang Chaka LCLCB